Do you know that most of the manicure tools which are sold in Ukraine are simply not sharpened? Manufacturers produce and deliver them with a rather coarse "working" sharpening, which is not intended for fine work and high-quality manicure. And it’s not about that the manufacturers are “screwing up” or do not work properly to the end. They simply expect that the sharpening will be done "in the field".

  This process can be compared with jewelry. Gems are mined in some mine, but they are not cut immediately after mining. Diamonds "are carried" around the world, and every one reaches its jeweler. And that person, in his turn, creates a unique cut of a gemstone.

  We created a “cut”, but not for stones, but for manicure tools. And what is symbolic here is that we sharpen them with the help of diamonds, turning ordinary workpiece tools into a real work of manicure art. Our proprietary sharpening method  was developed by experienced craftsmen and has no analogues.

  What is the difference between DIAMOND sharpening and ordinary, “working” sharpening?

- It is easy to work with sharpened tools; they cope with their tasks in just one movement.

- Thanks to the sharpening a tool does not break the nails, does not tear the skin and hair, actually eliminates the possibility of scratches.

- In the process of sharpening we seal the metal on the cutting edge which increases significantly the service life of the tool.

- Each tool is sharpened manually, taking into account all its peculiarities. The master smooths seams, eliminates gaps that provides the maximum smooth move and comfortable work.

- We constantly monitor the quality of sharpening and give a guarantee on every tool, to our every client.

  We are the pioneers and leaders of the Ukrainian market in manicure tools sharpening. And without any exaggeration we guarantee that no company in Ukraine will offer you such a high-quality service. Our credo is to create, move forward and help people!